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Class rating 5.5


  • Boarding 6.5
  • Seat for sitting 6.0
  • Seat for sleeping 1.0
  • Service 4.9
  • Entertainment 1.0
  • Food & drink 2.8
  • Punctuality 7.9
  • Baggage 3.9
  • Of course, your ratings vary widely for different classes. Choose one below for full details.

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Ryanair offers an economy-only product across its Boeing 737-800 fleet. Seats are configured 3-3, with one single row of three at the front on the left hand side, and with a seat pitch of 30 inches (76cm). The exception is the emergency exits.

Seat allocation is free, but you will pay to sit on the best seats. Passengers who do not wish to pre-select their seats can check-in during the period from seven days to two hours prior to their flight and they will be assigned an allocated seat at no cost.

If you wish to specify a seat, for €5/£5, standard seats occupy rows 6-15 and 18-31 and passengers can pre-select a preferred window or aisle seat or ensure that they sit together. Priority boarding can be added for a €2/£2 supplement.

Premium seats occupy rows 1-5, 16, 17, 32 and 33 and cost €10/£10 for priority boarding, extra legroom and/or faster disembarking.

The first two rows allow for a speedy exit from the flight, while rows 16 and 17 can also be reserved if you want extra legroom. Note that under 16s can only reserve row two for safety reasons.

Ryanair is flying at its most basic. Seats do not recline and there are no window blinds. Expect to pay heavily for everything on board.





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alexpo1 flew Ryanair Economy, on a B737-800

Having just arrived from New York, I exited DUB T2 for the short walk to T1. I was quite horrified when I saw the check-in queue for T2 departures. The concourse at T1 was a different matter. I was checked in in a matter of minutes. I proceeded to security. This has to be the longest security queue I have been in in my life. I guess passengers travelling with hand... more




FormerlyDoS flew Ryanair Economy, on a B737-800

DUB-MLA 3 hours 30 minutes, 1,574 miles. Online check in worked fine, travelled with checked in luggage, bag drop at DUB took less than 10 mins (Friday night) and cleared security in about 10 minutes. Boarding was well marshalled and got on in the first 30 (got delayed enroute to gate0, sitting in 17C, which cost a me a few euros for a very big seat pitch.... more




You are here: home > Airlines > Ryanair > Classes > Economy


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